Special OCBC meeting on Jan 6th!

On Jan 6th, 2016 OCBC and Cannabis Collaborative Conference will be holding a special event at The Foundry in Lake Oswego.

This event is open to all OCBC members and anyone who’s considering becoming a member, plus anyone who just wants to see how fast this industry is growing!

Come join us and get updates on the state of the cannabis industry, network with leaders and business owners, and get updates on the CCC!  All while enjoying the comforts provided by The Foundry!

Here’s all that’s happening!

  1. OCBC Meeting with all the regular goodies and updates.
  2. Cash bar to make networking easier!
  3. We’ll be holding a raffle with awesome prizes: a booth at the CCC and a copy of Cannabis Kart.
  4. Going over everything the CCC is going to feature!

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