OCBC and CCC Make History With First Ever Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair

OCBC and CCC came together to host a history making event this past weekend in Salem bringing hundreds of growers, cannabis enthusiasts and live plants for the first ever Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair.

“The Guru of Ganja” and well known Cannabis Advocate Ed Rosenthal along with some of Oregon’s most experienced growers judged a vegetative cannabis plant competition with over 55 entries from across the state of Oregon. The judges narrowed down the competition to 3 winners per plant category, all of which will be displayed at the 2016 Oregon State Fair:

1st Place Winners

Sativa – Uplifted Farms
Indica – Uplifted Farms
Hybrid – Canna Manna

2nd Place Winners

Sativa– Far Fetched Farms
Indica – Synergy Farms
Hybrid – Royal Ambrosia

3rd Place Winners

Sativa – WAH Farms
Indica – Sky High Farms
Hybrid – AHSG Farms