OCBC Membership


The Oregon Cannabis Business Council (OCBC) is dedicated to helping our members in the cannabis industry build ethical, sustainable, and successful businesses that are responsible members of the community they serve. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it is critical to look out for your interests. OCBC offers dedicated, professional representation for the industry in Oregon’s Legislature and regulatory agencies. In addition, benefits of membership include regular updates on state policy-making and other industry developments. OCBC will also offer training and professional assistance to member businesses.



  • Networking

    OCBC Members have access to new opportunities in the industry.

  • Get Help

    Build relationships with a wide variety of business professionals in the cannabis industry.

  • Be Ahead

    Learn all the latest details about new products, law, and emerging technologies.

Political Benefits

  • Lobbyist

    A large portion of the OCBC Membership proceeds goes to paying our Lobbyist, Niki Terzieff, to represent the OCBC agenda in the State House.

  • Direct Communication

    Our Lobbyist Is available for any questions or concerns at our monthly meetings.

  • Shape the Law

    Be part of the community molding the laws, legislation, and regulations as they solidify in Oregon.

Member Perks

  • Featuring You

    Have your business, website, logo, description, and social media links listed on the OCBC website as an official member.

  • Newsletter

    Our monthly legislative newsletter features important policy updates and info about news, products, and industry events.




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Our Pledge to You


As our membership grows, we anticipate providing professional assistance to our members.

OCBC pledges to:

  • Work with members to develop sustainable best practices that can be used across the industry.
  • Develop and hold local training that gives members the essential skills to run their business.

Political Representation

The OCBC believes that during the emergence of a legal cannabis industry it is critical for businesses to be actively engaged in setting the regulations and rules under which they will operate. The OCBC pledges to:

  • Engage a lobbyist specifically pursuing the interests of the post-cultivation cannabis industry in the state of Oregon.
  • Foster engagement and discussion with local elected leaders.
  • Give members the opportunity to contribute concerns and policy ideas.
  • Communicate regularly with in-depth updates on the policy decisions that affect our industry.


The diverse membership of the OCBC is one of our greatest assets. We want to facilitate innovation and knowledge-sharing among our members.

The OCBC pledges to:

  • Hold an annual all association meeting so members can voice their opinions and engage each other.
  • Provide the opportunity for members to serve on association committees.
  • Host regular networking events for members.