Maybe the Williams Memo is the New Cole Memo for Oregon

There’s a solid analysis of the Williams Memo on Canna Law Blog. Here’s their take and it lines up with what the OCBC Legislative Committee heard last night from Rob Bovett, the top attorney focused on drug and governance policy for all 36 counties in Salem. Rob is a great partner. His work with U.S. Attorney Billy Williams, the Governor’s office and the Criminal Justice Commission is key to developing sensible cannabis policy for your businesses.

“The Williams Memo does a nice job of walking the line between what federal hard liners probably want and what Oregonians definitely want, as demonstrated by Measure 91 and elsewhere. Ultimately, this memo is unique in that is was penned by a U.S. District Attorney, but it’s nothing new. And it really shouldn’t matter much for state-compliant businesses.

The Williams Memo is important because it could serve as a template for U.S. attorneys in other states, and it illustrates the curious and uncomfortable bind that U.S. attorneys in states like Oregon find themselves. These attorneys are not going to attempt to shutter licensed and compliant cannabis businesses. It would be too costly, too politically hazardous, and ultimately, too late. On the other hand, when you have serious issues of overproduction, and especially interstate leakage, federal actors appointed by “tough on crime” executives may feel compelled to say something. So Williams did.”

Here’s the complete Williams Memo.