“It’s not legal cannabis that’s going over state lines. It’s illegal cannabis.” – Don Morse

Too much of a good thing in Oregon as cannabis businesses adapt to flooded market

Marijuana Business Daily reached out to the OCBC to get Don Morse’s take on the Oregon cannabis supply glut.

From Morse’s perspective, the tax dollars the marijuana program generates could be handled better and used to bolster the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s resources.

“The OLCC is under a tremendous amount of pressure to prove that legalized marijuana is not going over state lines,” he said.

He would like to see local law enforcement and state police allocated more resources to police the unlicensed growers.

“Imagine if all the bootleggers in Kentucky and Tennessee were allowed to keep bootlegging after alcohol prohibition,” Morse said. “There would be stills everywhere … They need to go after the people who don’t follow the rules.”

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