Oregon Cannabis Business Council

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council (OCBC) is a member-driven trade association. We provide professional assistance to post-cultivation cannabis businesses and representation for in-state legislative and regulatory decision making.

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OCBC Political Endorsements

Reminder: Primary Election Ballots due by May 17th, 2016 at 8pm
(include but are not limited to those listed below)

Val Hoyle
Democratic Secretary of State

Tobias Read
State Treasurer

Ted Wheeler
Mayor of Portland

Lew Frederick
State Senate District 22

Ann Lininger
State House District 38

Ken Helm
State House District 34

Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair


Over 60 Grows will be showcasing their “Live” Cannabis plants. For the first time ever Oregon’s producers will be able to display live plants at the Cannabis Fair. Oregon is slated to be the premiere “Craft Cannabis” model state and this is an opportunity to view these live plants as well as meet the growers. There will be awards for the winning plants in several categories and the winners will be featured in the September DOPE Magazine, and have the opportunity to win over $10,000 in prizes!

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New Members

The OCBC dedicates its efforts to helping our members build ethical, successful and sustainable businesses in the communities they serve.

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What We Do

We provide access to key networking events, in-state legislation and regulatory decision making, community outreach, industry education, organization of the industry, and facilitates future involvement in the industry.

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The Oregon Cannabis Business Council is directly involved with helping to create the newly emerging cannabis laws. Our Lobbyist Niki Terzieff actively fights for our cause in the State House.

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The OCBC is directly involved with changing and emerging cannabis laws. Our members are always kept up-to-date with our efforts at the state house and what is happening in the industry.


**Directory of Registered Dispensaries**

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